About Me
I have been a fan of Geoff's since his Hartford Whaler days. I always enjoyed watching him play and as I started to follow hockey I began to collect Whalers memorabilia. It started off small with some cards and posters. I attended some Whalers practices and season ticket holder parties and had many opportunities to get pictures and autographs. When the Whalers moved to Carolina in 1997 I continued to follow my favorite players which of course included Geoff. I started to collect game used sticks and skates back in 1998-99 and that got my Sanderson collection started. It was about the year 2000 that I learned about the game worn jersey hobby. I got my first Geoff Sanderson Buffalo Sabres game worn jersey in 2000. I got one of my favorite jerseys back in February of 2001 when I got his Whalers home jersey from the 1993-94 season and was able to photo match it several times. My collection grew and grew I now have over 20 Sanderson jerseys, a bunch of his equipment including several pairs of breezers (hockey pants), helmets, sticks, skates and countless cards and pictures. I look forward to growing my collection and possibly one day showing it to Geoff.

I currently live in Connecticut with my wife of over 20 years, and our daughter. 

Contact info: whaler8@geoffsanderson.com


Geoff and I from 1994, look how how young!

The picture above of Kevin Dineen and I is more recent.

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