Not only do I collect jerseys but also game used equipment. This page shows some of the different Geoff Sanderson equipment I have acquired over the years. Some of this was obtained directly from the teams others were from different collectors and Ebay.

The white Hurricanes helmet was worn with the Whalers as well and still has the Whalers #8 sticker under
the padding inside. It shows great use and has been photo matched. It was also worn in the 1997 World
Championships. The Coyotes helmet was worn during the 2005-06 season, it shows some wear and is really a nice looking helmet. The Edmonton Oilers Mission Helmet was from the Hockey Fights Cancer auction and was worn during the 2007 pre-season and the month of October. This helmet shows some wear and is autographed on the top by Geoff. He scored two goals in this helmet against the Flyers on October 6, 2007.

Here are a collection of game used gloves. The Whalers gloves were originally Zarley Zalapski gloves which were used by Geoff. He painted over the name and the brand of glove. These gloves have been photo match to Geoff wearing them many times. The Blue Jackets gloves were obtained right from the team and show nice wear. I have several pairs of Sabres gloves that Geoff wore. These two pair above show great use and Geoff cut the cuffs to make them more comfortable. I believe the pair on the right was worn during the Sabres Stanley Cup run in 1999. The Eagle gloves were worn in Carolina and have been photo matched. The Phoenix Mission gloves were worn early in 2005 and were obtained from a team contact and are also photo matched. The Whalers gloves on the bottom were obtained from a collector. They show some use and match the style of glove Geoff used. I have not been able to photo match them as of yet.

I have collected many pairs of Geoff’s game used skates and have included some photos above. These skates are from many of the teams he played for including the Whalers, Hurricanes, Canucks, and the Blue Jackets. I acquired these directly from the teams in some cases and a few pair from other collectors. I love the beating some of these have taken and you will also notice some team made re-enforcement to the sides on a few pairs. I have photo matched many of these to cards and pictures that I have in my collection.

I have two pairs of game worn pants that Geoff used while playing with Columbus . Both of these came from a contact that obtained them from a team sale. The top pair without the “Stinger” patch has Geoff’s name stitched on a nametag in the waist. The other pair has his #8 on the inside. They show great use and are photo matched. The elbow pads and shin guard were obtained from a collector that purchased them directly from the team and include team letters. I have photo matched the elbow pads to a few hockey cards where they are visible.

There are many game used sticks and stick blades that become available and I have collected quite a few of them. I have all different styles from the aluminum sticks from his Hartford Whaler days to the composite sticks of recent seasons. I have received these from many sources and some include team letters and LOA’s. A few have been signed by Geoff but the signatures were not obtained by me. The puck is a game used puck that was used in a game against the Minnesota Wild on March 10, 2004. Geoff scored the lone goal for the Canucks in that game and this is the puck that went into the net. It was obtained from MeiGray with full documentation. The rest is just part of the pictures, programs, cards, posters and shirts that I have collected.

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