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The jerseys displayed here continue my collection. I am sure that I will be adding to these over the next few  years. Feel free to contact me for any information on any of the jerseys listed on this website, however, none of the jerseys or equipment are for sale.

Here are a couple of Geoff's Buffalo Sabres jerseys. The top jersey is from the 1999 Stanley Cup team and was acquired from MeiGray. The bottom jersey is from the 2000 season, it is a playoff jersey worn against the Flyers as marked on the fight strap. This was acquired directly from the team. The Carolina Hurricanes jersey is from the 1997-98 season in which Geoff played for half the year. This jersey shows some wear with snags and pulls which is consistent with the Starter "puffy" jerseys and has the set 1 stamp on the inside back hem.

   Early in the 2005-06 season Geoff was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes. The top Coyotes jersey is his set 2 Home jersey. The bottom Coyotes jersey is the set 2 Away, both were obtained from a team contact and have LOA's from the Coyotes. Both show some wear, the colors have run in a few areas and are photo matched.

These are Geoff's Vancouver Canuck jerseys from his 1st tour with the team. Both show minimal wear as they were worn for only a handfull of games. The top jersey is the set 2 Home jersey from the 1997-98 season and the bottom jersey is set 1 Home from the same season.

Geoff Sanderson was part of the first Columbus Blue Jacket team to take the ice as an NHL team. He scored the team's first hattrick and provided the team with speed and scoring punch. The top "Home" white jersey is from the 2001-02 season and was acquired directly from the team. The "Home" blue jersey was worn by Geoff for 1 game on October 7,2005 the teams home opener and auctioned off by the NHL for charity to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The practice jersey is from the 2005-06 season and shows good wear on the sleeves. The bottom jersey is Geoff's 2003-04 Home set 3 jersey. It shows good wear, the "A" is removed from the chest but the outline is still visible. This one came with a team letter.

Here are the Home set 3 and Away set 3 jerseys from the 2005-06 Phoenix Coyotes season. The top jersey was worn by Geoff when he played in his 1000th NHL game. These both show light wear and were acquired from a team contact with LOA's from the Coyotes.

Geoff's 2006-07 season had him playing for the Philadelphia Flyers. The jerseys above are his Away set 1 and Third set 1. Both show good overall wear. The Away white jersey has been photo matched several times. These were both acquired from MeiGray.

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